Water in Crawlspace Caldwell Idaho

Water under house in crawlspace

Water damage can come in many forms from inside or outside of your home or business. From broken pipes, crawlspace, sewer backup, storms, water heater, bathtub etc., and they never happen at a convenient time.

It is paramount to identify why there is water in your crawlspace immediately and start the drying process as quickly as possible.

Water in Crawlspace Removal - 24/7 - 365

Get Immediate Help

Fast One-Hour Response

Time is critical for any disaster restoration scenario. Don't settle for restoration companies that "get there - when they get there."

Insurance? - No Problem

Armor Restoration will take the insurance headaches away from you and help you to get the most coverage possible.

Family and Pet Friendly

We have families and pets just like you do; rest assured that whatever is important to you will be important to us at all times!

Honest Work Done Right

From your first contact with us until your home is restored - you'll know that you chose a trusted and highly skilled company!

Crawl Space Water Extraction Caldwell

Any delay in this process can result in mold, mildew or other bacterial growth that could have a hazardous effect on your health.  Trust us to not only remove your crawl space water, but to promptly dry affected areas to prevent the growth of mold.


We have the expertise and tools to identify and contain the spread of water and to protect any further contents from structural damage.


We quickly extract the water and dry the affected area with as little demolition as possible while still completing the job right.

Crawlspace Water Damage Removed Fast

Not every water damage treatment will be the same, but every job will be handled promptly, professionally, and with the right procedure to get your normal back as quickly as possible by our IICRC certified technicians.


Trust Armor Restoration to (1) arrive quickly; (2) assess your level of water damage; and (3) to handle the job professionally and completely.

24/7 - 365 Days a Year

Because you won't know exactly when water damage will occur in your home or business - our team is on the clock all-year 'round to serve you.

Contact us... 24/7 - Day or Night.

Use our contact form above if you have a question, need an estimate, or you’re not in need of immediate or fast 24 hour service.

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Water, Fire, or Mold damage to your home or business never gets better on it's own - call us today for a free estimate!

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